Sfeir after meeting Berri: We did not put forward rumored banking proposal

President of the Association of Banks in Lebanon, Salim Sfeir, said in a statement this Thursday that “the meeting with Speaker Nabih Berri comes within the framework of continuous contacts with all Lebanese leaders to discuss ways to get out of the current crisis that afflicts the country.”

“We discussed many points, but did not put forward the rumored law touching on some aspects of the functioning of banks,” he asserted, noting that “the Speaker of the House had already announced a ‘legislative revolution’ to reform and develop some of the dated laws, and introduce new laws to reassure people as well as the international community of Lebanon’s seriousness in terms of economic reform.”

“We have always called for such reforms and the need to update our laws so as to facilitate mechanisms, encourage businesses and attract investment,” Sfeir added.

Source: National News Agency

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