Shamsi: Lebanon’s stability tantamount to Emirates’ stability

Ouyoun municipality concluded its first summer camp 2019 in a festival. Attending it was United Arab Emirates’ Ambassador Dr. Hamad Saiid Shamsi and town functionaries.

The festival started with the Lebanese and Emirate national anthems. Afterwards, Tarek Murad, welcomed Ambassador Shamsi, saluting “the good Emirati people who offer help and education, and the Emirates of openness and restoring rights.”

Then, Municipal Chief Attorney, Omar Murad, gave a speech, in which he welcomed Ambassador Shamsi, “the Ambassador of love, communication, goodness, and forgiveness, especially that this year, 2019, is the ‘year of forgiveness’, as had been announced by His Highness Sheikh Khalifah.”

Murad noted two primary goals achieved by the camp, which were “activating participation and expanding science, thought, and education, as well as spiritual benefit, not to mention other goals.”

He highlighted the importance of volunteer work and noted that the number of volunteers has approximately reached 50.

Following that, the coordinator of the camp, Dr. Heba Shadab explained, with visual aid, the activities that the children were trained to do. Then she distributed certificates for those who volunteered.

As for Ambassador Shamsi, he gave a word of thanks to the municipal chief, considering that what concerned the Emirates the most is for these activities to have a positive impact on children. He referred to “the importance of preventing extremism and terrorism from influencing boys and girls, and preventing them from engaging in organizations that do not suit our societies, habits, traditions, and our Arab character.”

“Lebanon’s stability is Emirate’s stability and vice versa. The experience of the Lebanese people in the Emirates is a successful one,” the UAE diplomat said. He noted that the Lebanese had been in the Emirates even before the union, and they had a positive, honorable touch in many sectors. “We respect all the Lebanese present in the Emirates.”

Source: National News Agency

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