Shura election guidelines issued

MUSCAT: Sayyid Hamoud bin Faisal al Busaidy, Minister of Interior, has issued ministerial decision No 108/2015 on the regulations, procedures and fees of campaigns for Majlish Ash’shura elections. Each candidate has to pay RO 100 as fees besides a refundable security deposit of RO 150. The security will be not refunded if the candidate fails to remove posters a day before voting. As per the decision the candidate should submit a request to the head of the election committee for placing campaign billboards. Enclosed with the request should be an approval from the relevant municipality on the shape and content of the billboard. The billboard should bear writings and materials related to the candidate, his/her photo, autobiography, certificates and election programme.

The candidate should sign a pledge to remove the posters and billboards at his/her own expense a day before the elections, the decision stated.Each candidates can meet with voters at the premises of clubs and the Omani women’s associations after obtaining a permit from the relevant authorities. Request for meetings should be submitted a week before the meeting date. Candidates may suggest special places for their election campaigns such as tents, farms and halls after obtaining the required permit, the decision stated.

The candidates’ speech should be within the parameters of the electoral propaganda. The decision prohibits the use of loudspeakers during the election campaigns. Clubs, societies and trade unions aren’t allowed to support any candidate. The candidates are disallowed to offer donations or financial assistance or any material or non-material benefits to voters during the election campaign. The election campaign should not include promises or programmes that are not within the purview of the Majlis Ash’shura.


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