Siniora renews Future commitment to mixed election law, calls to elect president

Head of Future parliamentary bloc, MP Foud Siniora, underlined on Friday that Lebanon was facing a real crisis, which he said it was due to the failure of implementing the system, as well as that of electing a new president.

Siniora also rebuffed talks about reconsidering Taef Accord and constitutive assemblies, warning that such suggestions only lead to chaos and push Lebanon further into regional conflicts.

“The decision to elect a president is up to the Parliament, which must convene; disruption is no longer acceptable,” he added.

He also renewed Future Movement’s support for a mixed election law that combines proportional and majoritarian vote systems.

Siniora made these remarks during a series of meetings he held today at his office in Sidon.

He met with a delegation of the Higher Security Committee inside Palestinian refugee camps.

Talks mainly featured on the security condition in Ain-el-Hilwe camp, with the committee highlighting its efforts in preserve stability.

Siniora later met with a delegation of philanthropic Islamic association, “al-Maqassed.”

He also welcomed a delegation of “Ahrar Saida,” headed by Sheikh Youssef Meselmani.

Source: National News Agency

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