A sit-in by members of the civil movement was staged outside the residence of Caretaker Tele-Communications Minister Mohammad Shukair in Hamra this afternoon, during which a press conference was devoted to tackling the contract extension with “Alpha” and “Touch” cellphone companies.

In a word delivered by activist Neamat Badreddine, she considered that “the Minister of Tele-Communications preferred the interests of the two companies over the interest of the state, and circumvented the decision of the President of the Republic and the Parliamentary Communications Committee for an indefinite period without any hesitation.”

Badreddine, thus, appealed to the President of the Republic to “hold Minister Shukair accountable through the Ministry of Justice, and to put an end to this farce”, while calling on the Parliamentary Information and Communications Committee “to meet urgently to discuss Shukair’s veering away from the Committee’s unanimous recommendation in restoring the administration of this sector to the hands of the state.”

Badreddine also announced that the protesters will head tomorrow morning to the Audit Bureau to submit a notification to the Finance Public Prosecution and the Central Inspection Body over the existence of expired work contracts and disbursement of public money with expired signatures. Additionally, a notification will also be addressed to Financial Prosecutor, Judge Ghassan Oweidat, to initiate an audit into financial dossiers pertaining to operating expenses and waste of public funds.

Source: National News Agency

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