State Council approves drugs law amendments

MUSCAT: The State Council ratified the legal committee report on the amendments of some provisions of the Law of Law of Narcotics and Psychotropic Control referred by the Council of Ministers and embarked on the discussion of the Social Committee Report on the draft Law of Pharmacy Practice and Organisation of Pharmaceutical Institutions. The council also decided to complete the discussion in its ordinary session due to be held on March 31.

The State Council held its 10th ordinary session for the 4th annual sitting under the chairmanship of Dr Yahya bin Mahfoudh al Manthari, Chairman of the State Council, in the presence of the council members and the chairman of the Council of Ministers, on Wednesday.

Mohammed bin Ali al Kiyumi, Legal Committee Chairman said the committee’s report included amendments of nine articles and added Article 64 .

Hilal bin Amir al Hajri, Legal Committee Rapporteur, reviewed the discuss results of the committee over the amendments of the Law of Narcotics and Psychotropic Control Nor 17/99 which was referred by the Council of Ministers.

The Legal Committee has agreed with the opinion of the Majlis Ash’shura regarding the amendments of the law in several articles, Al Hajri said adding that the amendments included 10 out of 72 articles of the Law of Narcotics and Psychotropic Control.

273613After an elaborate discussion the State Council members decided to retain Article (5) of the original law which provides for the setting up of a national committee for drugs and psychotropic substances to be headed by the inspector general of police and customs. Mohammed bin Ali al Alawi said the amendments states that the committee shall have some ministers as the amended article stipulates that the rank of a committee member should not be below under-secretary.

The State Council agreed with the Council of Ministers and the Majlis Ash’shura to retain Article (43) which provides for the death penalty and a fine of between RO 25 and RO 50 for anyone convicted of the importing, exporting, making or planting any of the drugs or psychotropic substances referred to by the law. The death penalty should be handed in any of the following cases: the smuggling of one of these panned substances.

Dr Shaikha bint Salim al Masalamiya, Chairperson of the State Council Social Committee, said the committee held several meetings that were attended by health ministry officials concerned with the regulation of the pharmaceutical sector and an Omani pharmacist. The amendments of law are at par with the laws governing the pharmaceutical sector in a number of countries.


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