Students told not to enrol in Ajman, Dubai colleges

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Higher Education has stopped enrollment of Omani students in Ajman University for Science and Technology and College of Islamic and Arabic Studies in Dubai with immediate effect. Those who have already enrolled and are still studying in these two colleges can continue till they graduate. This advisory has been issued by the ministry based on a study conducted by Qualification Equivalence Committee at the Ministry of Higher Education.

According to the ministry findings, only 43 per cent of Omani graduates from Ajman university passed private interviews conducted by the Ministry of Education in 2013/2014. This percentage sharply fell to 6 per cent in 2014/2015. This strongly indicates the weakness of curriculum, inadequacy of staff, as well as low diploma grades of students registered in theses colleges which don’t strict to merit.

Also, statistics indicate that there are 2,326 Omani pre-graduates, 28 post-graduates enrolled in the College of Islamic and Arabic Studies in Dubai.

This number represents 68 per cent of the Omani students studying in the UAE. The ministry says that this number has increased as the study in this college is free and students get financial allowance during their study period.

According to the ministry’s survey, only 42 per cent of the graduates passed the Ministry of Education’s interview in 2013/2014; however, the percentage dropped to 40 in 2014/2015. Low academic performance, weakness of curriculum being a private college and not committed to quality standards are the main reasons of this decision.

The decision comes after graduates from these colleges proved that they are not qualified enough to work in the education sector in the Sultanate. “

The ministry intends to provide 250 external scholarships for Bachelor in Education in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and English language in both of UK and USA. “We came to know of the decision being circulated on social media which was issued by the Ministry of Higher Education in Oman regarding Ajman University. We cannot comment or react to this news. Work is under way to verify the news and the decisions attributed to the Higher Education Ministry of Oman.”

This was posted by Osama Said Salman, vice-president of the Ajman University of Science and Technology, on his Twitter account.

“The Omani Ministry of Higher Education did not reach to us officially with regard to assessing the programmes of the Ajman University.

“The Ajman University did not receive any signed decisions by Her Excellency Minister of Higher Education in the Sultanate of Oman or from the Omani Cultural attaché related to educational outcomes.


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