Students visit State Council to gain awareness on parliamentary process

MUSCAT: State Council in its campaign to create awareness about its role welcomed students from Al Imam Al Muhanna bin Sultan General Education School for Boys and Abu Tammam School for Basic Education on Thursday.

Ahmed bin Humaid al Shibli, Deputy Manager of Legal Affairs Committee explained to the young visitors about the functions and powers of the Council, the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to it as well as introduced the organisational structure of the Council and the major organs.

Shibli shared information on the special provisions of the State Council vested by the Basic Law of the State. Its articles stipulates the number of its members, and the mechanism of their appointment, and the terms of membership of the State Council, and the difference between the State Council and the Shura Council in terms of reference, and the draft law process.

Shibli pointed to aspects of compatibility and integration between the two chambers, with an emphasis on the joint role of the Oman Council in the political and economic decision-making, which promotes comprehensive development of the Sultanate.

The students have to view the Council of Oman building, its latest high tech facilities which facilitate parliamentary work and contribute to activating the communication between the two chambers.

Shibli stressed on the importance to participate in the elections, which is a national duty of every citizen to enable utmost development and progress of the nation and the citizens.
The visit concluded with a question and answer session by Shibli.


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