Sudanese Army supports leadership to preserve national security: SUNA

Khartoum: The Sudanese Armed Forces renewed keenness to preserve the security of the homeland and the safety of citizens and to safeguard human lives and protect property, stressing its readiness to confront all forms of conspiracy and attempts aimed at undermining the Sudanese national security.

The Armed Forces also asserted its support to its leadership and determination to aborting the plots of traitor, Sudan News Agency (SUNA) reported.

This came at a briefing meeting for officers at the ranks of brigadier and colonel held at Nemairi Military Academy

Minister of Defence, Lt. Gen. Awad Mohamed Ahmed Ibn Auf, said that the armed forces is fully aware of all the plots and scenarios prepared to exploit the current economic conditions against the security of the country through the so-called ‘protected uprising’. He referred to the attempts by some circles to provoke the Armed Forces and to drag it towards illogical behaviour that is inappropriate for its status and history.

He said that this casual crisis has exposed the malignant from the good, and proven the patriotism of the Sudanese Armed Forces, stressing that they will not abandon their duty in defending the security of the country and its leadership.

Meanwhile, Chief of Staff, Lt. Gen. Dr. Kamal Abdul-Maarouf, affirmed that the Armed Forces will not allow the fall of the Sudanese state or its slip into the unknown, pointing to the great sacrifices by the Armed Forces for realising security and stability.

He said that that those who lead the demonstrations are the same faces that have remained hostile to Sudan, distorting its image to the world and the international organisations and supporting the rebel movements that have been fighting the Armed Forces over the past years, adding that these elements came today to cast doubts on the Armed Forces’ patriotic positions and to insult it.

Lt. Gen. Abdul-Maarouf stressed that the Armed Forces will not hand over the country to traitors who lead the defeated rebellion and agents of suspicious alien organisations, and will not hesitate to confront them at any cost of sacrifices in order to preserve the security of the homeland and the safety of citizens.

Source: Bahrain News Agency

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