Sultanate reports three new cases of Coronovirus

MUSCAT: The Ministry of Health recorded three new cases of Coronavirus including one death and other two have almost recovered. The total number of cases recorded in the Sultanate since the discovery of the disease stood at five including three deaths. Around 18 HINI cases have been recorded and all of them recovered.

Releasing a statement on the latest statistics about HIN1 and Middle East respiratory syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) during January, the Ministry of Health affirmed its close monitoring and combating of these diseases through effective epidemic control system. Around 502 laboratory samples were tested in various governorates to detect respiratory diseases.

The ministry calls upon everyone to remain cautious when dealing with animals, especially camels. It also urged those suffering from respiratory symptoms, such as flu to adopt healthy practices while sneezing and coughing. It also advised them to maintain safe distance and avoid contact with others.

Meanwhile, an official from the ministry said that health institutions in the Sultanate should adhere to strict compliance of infection control and lapse of an in-house policy should be avoided.
The official said that millions of lives are lost due to infections in hospitals worldwide.


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