Sultanate’s role in ME hailed

By Zainab al Nassri

MUSCAT: Expressing happiness over His Majesty’s return to the country, British Ambassador to Oman Jonathan Wilks praised the Sultanate’s efforts in the region saying that “it is the only country which has succeeded in building relations based on peace with the whole world”.

Speaking during an ‘Open Dialogue’ held yesterday at the premise of Oman Establishment for Press, Publication and Advertising, he pointed out that the diplomatic role of Oman regarding a “way forward” in Yemen is respected as it is always been committed to its values not to interfere in other countries internal affairs, especially issues related to religion or ideology.

He affirmed that the UK’s involvement will be strictly only to political and logistic support to Saudi Arabia during the current situation, and diplomatic support to Oman.

The ambassador said that the Omani Renaissance has changed the feature of the country making it more developed, as the Sultanate now competes with others in various sectors. Commenting on “way forward” in Yemen he said: “The problem in Yemen is complicated as it is related to Houthis, who represent only 5 per cent of the population.

We have to figure out a solution and then find out how to make it economically solved. It is clear that the UK’s policy is not to be part of any military operation, yet we are closely looking at the progress in the Middle East. He asserted that Abd Rabu Mansur Hadi is the legitimate president of Yemen and the West countries to support him.

“Once we acknowledge him as a president, we can then move forward to adopt a national dialogue,” he added.

Wilks also spoke of the UK’s view towards Egypt, saying that President Sisi should lead the country to a new political era taking all parties into confidence. Regarding the situation in Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Russia, Wilks said that all these global issues can be solved according to common principles if they are applied properly.

“We have to benefit from the Omani experience of dealing with controversial issues. Even the so-called IS has failed to find a way in Oman as the Sultanate rejects such ideologies. With all these so-called religious wars, we still believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and we can move forward”.


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