The Supreme Council of Defense on Friday decided in its meeting chaired by the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, at Baabda Palace, to submit to the Cabinet five phases starting on April 27 and ending on June 8, which will have the Council of Ministers determine the economic activities that will be allowed to gradually restore activities within its scope, and in accordance with the time periods referred to above and within certain conditions.

The Council asked the military and security forces to strictly deter and crackdown on violations, leading to limit the virus spread.

The meeting was attended by: Prime Minister Dr. Hassan Diab, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense Zeina Akkar, Foreign and Expatriate Ministers Nassif Hatti, Finance Ghazi Wazani, Interior and Municipalities Muhammad Fahmy, Economy and Trade Raoul Neama, Public Health Hamad Hassan, Public Works and Transport Michel Najjar, Justice, Marie-Claude star.

The army commander Gen. Joseph Aoun, General Director of General Security Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim, Director General of the Internal Security Forces Maj. Gen. Imad Othman, General Director of State Security Maj.Gen.Tony Saliba, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Defense Maj. Gen.Mahmoud Al Asmar, Attorney General Judge Ghassan Oweidat, Judge Peter Germanos, Commissioner of Government to the Military Court, Director of Intelligence in the Army, Brig. Gen. Antoine Mansour, Director of Information at the General Directorate of General Security, Brig. Gen. Grants Sawaya, Head of the Information Branch of the Internal Security Forces, Brig. Khaled Hammoud, and Assistant Director General of State Security, Brig. Samir Sinan, the advisor to the Ministry of Defense for Legal Affairs, former Minister Naji Al-Bustani, and Director General of the Presidency of the Republic Dr. Antoine Choucair, Security and Military Adviser to the President of the Republic, Brig. Gen. Paul Matar.

The meeting was preceded by a meeting between the President of the Republic and the Prime minister.

Following the meeting, General Secretary of the Council Maj. Gen. Asmar read the following statement:

“At the invitation of His Excellency President Michel Aoun, the Supreme Council of Defense held a meeting at 1:30 pm Friday, April 24, 2020, at the Presidential Palace, to follow up on the latest developments and procedures to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, which was attended by the Prime Minister, and ministers: Finance, national defense, foreign affairs, expatriates, interior and municipalities, economy and trade, justice, public works and transportation, and public health. The meeting was also attended by: the commander of the army, the attorney general of distinction, the director general of the presidency of the republic, the director general of public security, the director general of forces Internal Security, Director General of Security State, Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Defense, Security and Military Adviser to His Excellency the President, Government Commissioner to the Military Court, Director of Intelligence in the Army, Director of Information in the General Directorate of Public Security, Head of the Information Branch in the Internal Security Forces, Assistant Director General of State Security, and former Minister Counselor Ministry of Defense Attorney Naji Al-Bustani.

His Excellency the President started the meeting with a brief presentation on the measures adopted since the announcement of the extension of public mobilization on April 13, 2020 on coronavirus prevention, and stressed the importance decisions based on scientific data and approved by international standards .

Then the Prime Minister presented the measures adopted and implemented by the government concerned ministers and the military and security agencies. He confirmed their success, but that does not mean that the pandemic has ended and therefore there is a need to extend the general mobilization for an additional two weeks to avoid a second wave of the that may constitute an unbearable catastrophe.

The prime minister Presented the recommendation issued by the committee concerned, with following up on the procedures to prevent the virus, which stipulated a proposal to extend the declaration of mobilization for a period of two weeks, that is, until 10/5/2020, provided that the economic activities that can gradually return to work within their scope and according to time phases are initiated, based on specific conditions.

The Minister of Health saluted the measures taken by the government that protect the country from exacerbating the health crisis, but pointed out that raising the readiness in the health sector is still ongoing and there is a permanent need to provide hospitals with the necessary equipment and also to maintain the periodic checks to reach 75 thousand PCR tests according to the established international standards, and it is expected that these tests will be completed and their results issued no later than 10/5/2020.

After deliberation and listening to the military and security services, regarding the security, economic and living situation since the announcement of the extension of the general mobilization on April 13, 2020 until today. In the context of following up on facing this danger through public mobilization, which is provided for in Article 2 of Legislative Decree No. 102/1983 (National Defense) , in addition to the measures previously taken by the Council of Ministers in previous meetings.

The Supreme Defense Council submitted to the Cabinet the following:

Emphasizing the activation and implementation of the measures and procedures imposed by Decree No. 6198/2020 and Decree No. 6209/2020, Decree No. 6251/2020 and Resolution No. 49/2020 of March 21, 2020 issued by the the Prime Minister (implementing instructions of Decree 6198) and related decisions issued bt the Minister of Interior and Municipalities according to the following stages:

The first stage: starting from 27/4/2020

The second stage: starting on 4/5/2020

The third stage: starting from 11/5/2020

The fourth stage: starting from the date of 25/5/2020

Fifth stage: starting from 6/8/2020

Provided that it is up to the Council of Ministers to determine the economic activities that will be allowed to gradually restore work within its scope and in accordance with the time stages referred to above and within specific conditions.

The Supreme Council of Defense called on the military and security forces to suppress violations, in order to avoid spreading the virus.

Source: National News Agency

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