SYZ Asset Management strengthens and expands its Multi-Asset offering

GENEVA, March 10, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — At a time when markets are offering historically low yields and heightened volatility, multi-asset strategies have a good opportunity to prove their mettle and meet investor expectations. SYZ Asset Management, the institutional management division of the SYZ Group, is capitalizing on its expertise and newly acquired skills to add two new strategies to its range: Active Allocation and Risk-Based Allocation.

SYZ Asset Management has successfully offered Multi-Asset investment solutions to institutional investors for over 15 years, including an Active Allocation strategy since 1999 and the well-established Absolute Return strategy since 2003, both known for their active allocation style based on in-depth analysis of the macro-economic framework.

New skills

Recent arrivals in 2015 have brought new skills to SYZ Asset Management, which now offers a comprehensive range of Multi-Asset products. Hartwig Kos, Co-Head of the Multi-Asset team and Vice-CIO, has contributed in expanding research to cover new markets, currencies and asset classes. Using proprietary models, the two managers Guido Bolliger and Claude Cornioley have brought expertise in dynamic portfolio coverage as well as risk-based portfolio construction thanks to their recognised quantitative investment approach.

An expanded range

The addition of these skills has made it possible to add two new strategies to the existing range. Hartwig Kos, building on his experience of managing a multi-asset fund at Baring Asset Management, took over from 1 January the lead-management of OYSTER Multi-Asset Diversified. In collaboration with Fabrizio Quirighetti, Co-Head of the Multi-Asset team and CIO, he is targeting a similar performance to stock markets by adopting a dynamic capital allocation approach, but with less risk. Guido Bolliger and Claude Cornioley, two managers who bring strong quantitative skills, particularly at Dynagest, Olympia Capital and Julius Baer, lead the Risk-Based Allocation strategy. This strategy has a target of two-thirds of the performance of certain specified stock markets, with an aim of achieving this with one third of the corresponding risk. These two complementary approaches join the Absolute Return strategy, which aims to protect capital while offering a comparable risk-return profi
le to bond investments.

In the United Kingdom, SYZ Asset Management offers two UK-registered funds: OYSTER Absolute Return GBP and OYSTER Multi-Asset Absolute Return EUR.

A solid investment process

All these multi-asset strategies share the benefits of a common and formalised 3-leg investment process that has been developed and refined over 15 years: Economic Cycle Analysis, a detailed and standardised macro-economic analysis of the leading global economies, Asset Valuation Analysis, focussed on asset class valuations and the Investment Strategy Group, which ranks investment preferences based on the first two analyses. This shared investment process drives asset allocations in the various funds according to their specific objectives and risk profiles.

“I am delighted with the developments in SYZ Asset Management’s Multi-Asset team. The expansion in asset classes covered addresses timing and asset allocation issues in an economic context of historically low rates, greater market volatility and less stable correlations between assets,” says Fabrizio Quirighetti, Chief Investment Officer at SYZ Asset Management.

For further information, please contact:

Moreno Volpi
Tel.: +41 (0)58 799 16 98
E-mail: [email protected]

Administrative Information

OYSTER Absolute Return GBP

  Available share classes  ISIN          Mgmt Fee  Perf. fee
  Class I M GBP            LU1130232017  0.50%     --       
  Class R GBP D            LU1130245779  0.50%     --       

Risk profile:

  Lower risk                   Higher risk            
  Potentially lower risk       Potentially higher risk
  1     2     3     4     5         6         7       

OYSTER Multi-Asset Absolute Return EUR

  Available share classes  ISIN          Mgmt Fee  Perf. fee             
  Class I M EUR PR         LU1130167288  0.50%     Max. 10.00 (Relative)*

* The percentage indicated for the performance fee applies to net annual outperformance relative to the following benchmark: BofAML Euro LIBOR 1 Month Constant Maturity TR EUR

Risk profile:

  Lower risk                   Higher risk            
  Potentially lower risk       Potentially higher risk
  1     2     3     4     5         6         7       

The prospectus, the key investor information documents, the articles of association and the annual and semi-annual reports on the funds are available from the representative and payment agents.

Note to the Editor

About SYZ Asset Management*

SYZ Asset Management, the institutional asset management division of the SYZ Group, provides investment solutions to Swiss and international institutional investors, such as pension funds, insurance companies, corporations and investment funds. SYZ Asset Management meets the highest standards in terms of institutional management and service to its clients using its own resources as regards economic research and financial analysis as well as in portfolio management and risk management.

*Any reference to SYZ Asset Management (SYZ AM) in this document, should be construed as being a reference to any one or more of the legal entities, listed below, dependent on the particular jurisdiction in which the document is published, subject to the investment products and services referred to herein being available to potential investors or categories of investors in such jurisdictions.

SYZ Asset Management (Luxembourg) SA, SYZ Asset Management (Suisse) SA, SYZ Asset Management (Asia) Limited, SYZ Asset Management (Europe) Limited, SYZ (France) SAS

About SYZ Group

Founded in 1996 in Geneva, Swiss banking group SYZ focuses exclusively on asset management via two complementary pillars: high-end private banking and asset management. SYZ employs 575 staff and has CHF 39 billion in assets under management (EUR 36 billion, USD 39 billion). Headquartered in Geneva, the Group also has offices in Zurich, Lugano, Locarno, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, Zaragoza, London, Luxembourg, Brussels, Paris, Dubai, Johannesburg, Miami, Nassau and Hong Kong.

About OYSTER Funds

OYSTER is SYZ Asset Management’s UCITS investment fund range, developed by SYZ Asset Management to address the needs of a diversified client base including professionals. With a strong commitment to performance, this Luxembourg SICAV comprises nearly 30 sub-funds, covering a variety of asset classes, markets and investment styles. OYSTER is currently registered and/or distributed in various European and Asian countries through a vast distribution network. To satisfy a discerning and demanding client base, SYZ Asset Management entrusts management of its OYSTER funds to internal and external fund managers. A number of strategies have resulted in certain sub funds being the recipients of internationally recognised awards.

This document has been issued in the UK by SYZ Asset Management (Europe) Limited (authorised and regulated by the FCA with reference number 666766)


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Oyster SICAV is an open-ended multi-fund investment company established and regulated in Luxembourg and is managed by SYZ Asset Management (Luxembourg) SA which is described in this document as “SYZ Asset Management”. Oyster SICAV is recognised by the FCA under s. 264 Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 with reference number 534187. This document has been issued in the United Kingdom by SYZ Asset Management (Europe) Ltd (authorised and regulated by the FCA (with reference number 666766). SYZ Asset Management (Europe) Ltd market the Oyster SICAV in the UK and copies in English of the SICAV’s current Prospectus and Key Investor Information Document can be obtained from them. Instructions to purchase or redeem shares of any class available to UK Investors can also be placed with them. Potential investors in the United Kingdom are advised that none of the protections afforded by the UK regulatory system will apply to an investment in any Oyster SICAV sub fund and that compensation will not generally be available under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. An investment in sub-funds of Oyster SICAV involves risks that are more fully described in the Prospectus. The content of this advertisement is provided solely for information purposes and constitutes neither a recommendation to buy or sell. Always consider taking independent investment advice from a person authorised and regulated by the FCA prior to investing.

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