Tania Kassis lifted one more time Lebanon’s colors very high in a meaningful concert at UN headquarters in Geneva.

This first edition of the Concert of the Mediterranean organized by the ONUART Foundation presided by Spanish Former Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos gathered prominent personalities such as Morocco Royal Highness Princess Lalla Hasnaa, United Nations High Representative for the Alliance of Civilization N.A. Al-Nasser, diplomats from Mediterranean countries, Lebanon Minister of Culture R. Araygi, Lebanese Ambassador Najla Assaker, many permanent ambassadors, ONUART Vice-President J.A. March, ect

Among the international singers from Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia, Palestine, Greece, Malta, Cyprus, Italy, Jordan, France and Spain participating in this concert, the highlight of the evening was Tania Kassis’ performance that received the only standing ovation after she interpreted her new song “Al Ardou Lil Jami3 – #land4all” in its Arabic and English versions as a “premiere mondiale” with the Morocco Royal Symphonic Orchestra – this song was launched last week in collaboration with the United Nations Information Center in Beirut – followed by her legendary Islamo-Christian AVE in a very special collaboration with known actor and singer Carlos Azar as well as international Libano-Armenian violin virtuoso Ara Malikian.

Minister Rony Araygi was very proud to showcase the impact left by his compatriots during this unique event thanks to the great support and involvement of the Tamari Foundation.

The concert was followed by a Gala dinner organized by the Kingdom of Morocco at the Intercontinental Hotel attended by the Swiss Jet-Set and VIPs from countries represented in this event.

After her big success in Geneva, Tania Kassis is happy to announce that additional seats have been added to her upcoming unique concert taking place on July 19 in the framework of the Beirut Holidays Festival where she will be accompanied by more than 100 choir singers. A concert not to be missed!

Source: National News Agency

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