The Army Commander in Chief General Joseph Aoun, inspected the army units deployed in the Bekaa, and was briefed on the security situation and how the operational missions are being implemented.

At the outset, General Aoun visited the headquarters of the intelligence branch of the Bekaa region in Ablah, where he listened to a briefing on the security situation, and congratulated the troops on Eid Al-Adha and the Army Day, and said: “The security situation has witnessed a tangible improvement in the Bekaa region thanks to your efforts and sacrifices. Security in this region is for everyone without exception. We will not allow anyone to destabilize nor return to the past. Thanks to you, citizens feel safe and I am proud of you.”

Then he moved to Rayak Air Base, where he inaugurated the Air Force School building, met the officers and soldiers, and praised the achievements they achieve thanks to their will and determination, despite all the difficult living conditions they go through and the modest capabilities. He said: “The international community is counting on the Lebanese army because it is the backbone of Lebanon and a factor of stability. And it’s all thanks to you.”

The end of the tour was at the headquarters of the Sixth Brigade in Baalbek, where he was briefed on the security missions carried out by the brigade’s personnel, and the pursuit of wanted persons and those who violate security. He addressed them by saying: “You face dangers and challenges on a daily basis and carry out your tasks professionally. Thanks to your efforts and professionalism, the security situation in the city of Baalbek and its surroundings has witnessed a significant and remarkable improvement, and thanks to your courage and discipline, the state has regained its prestige.” General Aoun stressed that security is a red line, and the army will not allow the security of Baalbek or any other region to be tampered with, regardless of the costs and sacrifices, pointing out that the people of Baalbek are peace advocates, and those violating security do not have any political cover from any side, and added: “The sons of Baalbek are peace advocates. Baalbek residents are our sons, and we call on the wanted persons to surrender themselves to settle their legal affairs, otherwise the army is on the lookout, and the blood of the soldiers will not be in vain.”

General Aoun touched on the current situation, saying: “It seems that the situation is getting worse, and things are about to escalate, because we are facing a difficult political and social fate. Our responsibility is great at this stage, and we are required to preserve the security and stability of the homeland and prevent chaos. Yesterday’s experience was an example of that. I congratulate you on controlling your nerves and not giving an opportunity to those who wanted to cause sedition.”

He continued: “In light of the deteriorating economic situation, the suffering of the Lebanese people increases at various levels, and the suffering of the military increases as well. Many challenges await us that may require exceptional efforts from us in how to deal with them. I know the size of the tasks that are entrusted to you in these difficult and delicate circumstances, at a time when you are working hard to provide the minimum necessities for a decent life for your families due to the low value of your salaries. We follow your situation closely, and we strive with all our efforts, through communication with friendly and brotherly countries, to seek and provide assistance to you. They accuse us of begging. For you and your families we will do the impossible. There is no Lebanon without the army nor security without your presence and sacrifices. I have full confidence that you, despite this suffering, will continue to perform your duty to the fullest, because you are the hope of the people and you are the stability of Lebanon. Thanks to you, our people enjoy safety. Our people trust us and so does the international community. Everyone knows that the military institution is the only one that It is still active. The army is the deterrent to chaos. I know that you will not allow anyone to invade our land, and you will not allow these circumstances to make you lose your belonging to your homeland, your identity and your land.”

He concluded, “What we are experiencing today is a temporary crisis and it will pass. We will get through it thanks to your will and determination.”


Source: Lebanese Army Command

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