The arrest of a suspect accused of killing his mother and sister and burning the house in Baghdad

Baghdad / NINA / – The Anti-crime forces of Baghdad arrested a person accused of killing his mother and sister and burning the house in order to hide the signs of the crime.

A statement by the Security Media Cell stated that after it was referred to the Directorate of Anti-Crime in Baghdad on the eighth of this June, the investigation papers related to the case of burning a house located within Al-Kifah area, burning and the death of the owner of the house and her daughter, and due to the ambiguity of the incident, a working group was formed and moved to the scene of the accident and returned all investigative procedures and on-site detection, as there was a conviction that the incident was a criminal act and not a predestination.”

He explained that: “After the work team went to the forensic doctor, the anatomist, and discussed the observations made in the autopsy of the two bodies, it was found that they had been shot in the head area, where information was collected about the rest of the family members, and it was found that the accused, the victim’s son, is an addict and drug user. Suspicions swirl around him, and judicial approvals were obtained, lured and arrested.

He added: “After confronting him with the available evidence, he collapsed confessing his heinous crime, killing his mother and sister, and burning the house and the two bodies to hide the signs of the crime under the influence of drugs with the motive of theft. The pistol used in the crime and the money stolen from his mother after being hidden and fundamentally seized, and its value (sixty-one million eight hundred thousand Iraqi dinars) and his confession was judicially ratified, and all legal measures were taken against him and he was brought before the judiciary to receive his just punishment./ End


Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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