The Election Commission Discusses With The Hungarian Ambassador Cooperation In The Field Of Int’l Monitoring

Baghdad Deputy Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent High Electoral Commission, Judge Omar Ahmed Muhammad, discussed with the Hungarian Ambassador Attila Tar, electoral issues of common interest, and open the horizon for cooperation in the field of international observation.

The Deputy Chairman of the Board of Commissioners reviewed, according to a statement by the Commission, the most important achievements and activities carried out by the Commission in the current stage and its level of readiness to hold the next parliamentary elections.

For his part, the ambassador praised the efforts of the High Commissioner in organizing the elections scheduled to take place on the tenth of October of this year in light of the critical conditions that the world is going through, especially the health situation as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic, stressing his confidence in the current Board of Commissioners in conducting elections that are acceptable to Iraqi voters and International society.

In the same context, the two parties discussed the role of Hungary in the issue of monitoring the upcoming parliamentary elections, as it is within the countries of the European Union and is interested in Iraqi affairs, especially with regard to the issue of elections.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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