The Sultan’s School Art Auction on Wednesday

The Sultan’s School Art Auction, now in its fourth year is a fund raising charity event. It is a CAS project, organised by Heather Ford, Head of Primary Art, and a dedicated team of Year 12 IB students. CAS stands for Creativity, Action and Service, and it is an essential part of the International Baccalaureate diploma. The CAS programme runs alongside their academic studies and gives students the opportunity to make their mark in the community.

The students involved are Anisa al Raisi, Mohammed al Hajri; Suhail al Mukhaini, Safwan al Kathiri, Muhallab al Ismaily, Haitham Zakwani, Salim al Barwani, Jowhar al Kharusi, Intisar al Habsi, Fatma al Busaidi, Amira al Azry, Rawnaaq al Ismaili, Tasnim al Maawali, Amani al Barwani and Usama al Mughairi.

They have worked tirelessly for many months and will be the hosts on the night.

The Sultan’s School Art Auction brings together the whole community to celebrate the arts. Students from the school, their parents, the staff and many prestigious artists and photographers, have donated original artworks to be sold in an auction for charity.

Last year they raised RO 5,500 for Dar al Hanan, Oman Cancer Association, a home away from home, for children with cancer, and their families. When Heather and the students met Yuthar al Rawahy, founder of Oman Cancer Association, and visited Dar al Hanan they were overwhelmed by the warmth and dedication of all involved. Cancer treatment is free to all children, however treatment is often ongoing and families, especially those living in the interiors, are not able to afford the high costs of living in Muscat during very difficult times.

Dar al Hanan provides ongoing practical and emotional support that is in constant demand and needs more resources to expand their valuable service.

The Principal of The Sultan’s School, Dr Glenn Canterford, wholeheartedly supports the event and recognises that it would not be possible without the generosity of the artists and photographers in the community.

The Sultan’s School would like to thank prestigious artists Saud al Hunaini, Abdullah al Hunaini, Khamis al Hunaini, Hassan Meer, Anwar Sonya, Abdulmajeed Karooh, Radhika Hamlai, Moosa Omar, Idris al Hooti, Saleh al Shukairy, Mohammed al Maamari, Latifah al Said, Juma al Harthy, Adnan al Raisi, Saleh al Alawi, Anna Dudchenko, Said al Rawhaidi, Dr Mona al Baiti, Suad al Aufy and Yousuf al Nahwi who have donated their work. Also thanks goes to leading photographers Ahmed al Shukaili, Ahmed al Harthy, Soud al Buhriy and Qais Ayoob.

Sincere gratitude goes to Oman Air for advertising the event on all flights during April. Director of MuscArt Gallery, Ahmed al Harthy for promoting the auction and the Omani Society for Fine Arts, Bait Al Zubair, Gallery Sarah, Stal Gallery and Bait Muzna have all supported the event.

Special thanks to the PTA who have helped set up the event and to all the people in the community who have generously made contributions.

The auction will be held in the auditorium on April 22, 2015 and is open to the public. Doors open at 6.30 pm.


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