Unique humanitarian aid

By: Kaushalendra Singh

SALALAH: The foreign embassies in Oman hailed the Sultanate for offering humanitarian support in the evacuation of their nationals trapped in war-torn Yemen. To facilitate their nationals’ evacuation, some of the embassies have set up humanitarian aid offices in Salalah, while some of them are facilitating the services through their social clubs.

Ambassadors of Indonesia, Malaysia and Jordon termed the Sultanate’s support as ‘unique humanitarian aid’ for the people trapped in a foreign land and left to fend for themselves. They appreciated professional handling of the situation by Omani officials at the ports, airports and land borders in evacuating their nationals while following rules, regulations and laid down systems.

“We, on behalf of the Indonesian Government and people do value His Majesty Sultan Qaboos and the Omani Government for the kind support and assistance rendered to the Indonesian rescue team. The Omani authorities are very professional and honest in helping us. Again from the bottom of my heart, I convey my appreciation to the Omani Government for their assistance and support,” said Sukanto, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia.

Umardin A Mutalib, Malaysian Ambassador in Oman, echoed the same feeling and said, “I witnessed their sense of judgement and humanitarian bent while facilitating rescue of Malaysians from Yemen. Zuhair Ensour, Jordanian Ambassador in Oman, expressed appreciation to the Sultanate’s Foreign Office in making things easy for the Jordanian nationals who wanted to have safe exit from Yemen.

“A group of 13 students got evacuated from Hadramout and arrived in Salalah after due procedure and travel documents. They would travel to Amman on Wednesday via Doha. I thank the Omani authorities for making things easy for us and our nationals, who were looking for avenues to get out of Yemen,” said Ensour.

Among the 13 Jordanian evacuees are 12 men and one woman, all medical students of the University of Hadramaut. “Out of a total of 600 Jordanians living in Yemen, 300 have managed to evacuate, while we have a challenge to evacuate the rest of the people,” said Ensour. Medical student Mohammed Abu Ahmed took initiative to contact with the Jordanian Embassy in Muscat and Hussain al Zoubi, Chairman of Jordanian Social Club in Salalah. The mission took up the matter with the Omani authorities and the processes for their safe exist started. Put up in a club’s accommodation in Salalah, the students are happy over their safe exit, as they have spoken already to their parents back home confirming their safety and arrival in Amman today.

According to the Indonesian ambassador, “the total number of Indonesian nationals in Yemen is about 4,000. So far about 400 have already been evacuated and arrived safely in Indonesia. Our strategy for evacuation is to move the people to a safe place first. Oman is one of the best alternatives for them to transit while waiting for further arrangement to fly them to Indonesia.”

“Since there are no airports open currently in the Yemeni territory, the only possible way to move them out of Yemen either by land transportation or by sea,” said Sukanto and added, “so far our rescue team, lead by Indonesian foreign minister, has succeeded in evacuating them out of Yemeni territory by bus to Al Jizan in Saudi Arabia, and then they are transported by the Indonesian Air Force Boeng 737 aircraft to Muscat, and then to Indonesia by commercial flight.

The Indonesian Mission is expecting arrival of about 40 Indonesians from the City of Tareem in Hadramout, while the Thai Mission in Muscat has also launched efforts to rescue about 193 Thai nationals trapped in Hadarmaut.

The embassies are also doing joint efforts to help each other by sharing logistics and information about rescue vessels or other means of transport to send their nationals to safer locations.


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