(UPDATE 2) Protests, road blocking continue in different Lebanese regions

Protests against the new Lebanse cabinet’s decision to slap a new series of taxes on Lebanse citizens have sparked massive protests up and down the country.

Yesterday, people resorted to the street to express their discontent. Early on Friday morning, citizens resumed their protests in different Lebanese regions; they blocked many roads some with burning tires and snarled traffic.

Security forces and Lebanese Army units have been trying to reopen roads in some regions, but most of them remain blocked.

Meanwhile, protesters have blocked roads in Baalbek – Srifa main road – Kfar Abida Highway – Batroun Highway – Akkar – Tripoli – Dahr Al- Ahmar/ Rashaya – Amyoun/Aaba – Beirut’s Salim Salam road in both directions – airport road in both directions – Aley international highway – Jbeil – Balouneh roundabout – Manara roundabout in Zahle – Furn Al- Chebbak road leading to Hazmieh – Beirut Southern Suburb roads – Nabatieh – Marjeyoun – Hasbaya – Eastern side of Nahr Ibrahim Highway – Labweh international Highway – Assi bridge – Khaldeh – Aramoun – Bchamoun.

Zgharta – Ehden Highway has been fully blocked by protesters near North Lebanon College roundabout.

Koura – Kousba road is currently blocked with burning tires.

Protesters are also blocking the Ring bridge with sand.

Anfeh and Zouk sea roads are blocked by protesters with flaming tires.

Also, a number of protesters are currently staging a sit-in outside the Lebanse Central Bank in Hamra.

On the other hand, the Lebanese Army has managed to open Sidon’s seaside road.

Source: National News Agency

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