(Update) Berri: Diab set cabinet formation terms that complicated his task

Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, said on Monday that Prime Minister-designate, Hassan Diab, has complicated his cabinet formation task by setting upon himself “unnecessary conditions”.

Speaking to a delegation from the Press Syndicate, Berri said that despite his intention to support Diab, his team’s participation in the cabinet won’t be necessary.

“50 percent of the causes behind the prevailing economic crisis are for political reasons; we have gone through bigger crises and we have overcome them,” Berri added, noting that the current economic crisis has not been experienced by Lebanon since 1914.

As for the nature of the ongoing protests, Berri said that he had felt as if he were one of the protesters in the beginning of it all; however, he added that this was no longer the case as things changed.

“There is no longer a revolution. Protests are simply being led by three local TV stations,” he added.

Moreover, Berri reiterated the importance of having the caretaker cabinet carry out its duties.

On the other hand, Speaker Berri received at his Ain El Tineh residence the French Ambassador to Lebanon, Bruno Faucher, with whom he discussed most recent political developments.

Berri also met with “Strong Republic” bloc MP Ziad Hawat, with the latest developments featuring high on their talks.

Among Berri’s itinerant visitors for today had been Ambassador George Khoury.

Source: National News Agency

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