Former Information Minister, Jamal El Jarrah, on Thursday said during the handover ceremony at the Ministry of Information that media has an important national role and responsibility.

The handover ceremony was attended by Information Ministry Director General, Dr Hassan Falha, National News Agency Director, Ziad Harfoush, Radio Lebanon Director Mohammed Ghareeb, and heads of departments and sections.

The outgoing Minister highlighted the state-run Lebanon Television (TL) and Radio Lebanon (Radio Liban) as a joint neutral national milieu that played a positive role, wishing wellbeing for mediamen who were exposed to violence.

Referring to the archive of the state-run Television of Lebanon, Jarrah said, “It is the memory of Lebanon and it is considered one of the assets that we can benefit from as revenue for the Ministry.”

For her part, newly appointed Minister Manal Abdel Samad stressed the need for developing media laws and studying the existing conditions at Tele Liban, Radio Lebanon, National News Agency, and Lebanese Publications and Studies Directorate.

Minister Abdel Samad also pledged to work towards rendering the Ministry of Information a beacon of freedom and a spearhead in protecting and defending liberties.

“I don’t want to make promises… It is time to act,” Abdel Samad corroborated, indicating that she will be studying a number of related dossiers along with the Ministry’s team, and in close cooperation with our partners in civil society, unions and all concerned sides.

The Minister also hoped to devise a comprehensive plan aimed at shifting the media reality in Lebanon to a more developed, secure and stable status for the sector.

Source: National News Agency

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