(Update) Machnouk confirms to EU mission legislative elections to take place on due date

The European Union’s Ambassador to Lebanon, Christian Lassen, visited on Wednesday Minister of Interior and Municipalities, Nohad Machnouk, along with a delegation of the heads of EU missions, ambassadors and representatives of EU embassies to Lebanon.

The delegation congratulated Machnouk on the successful mayoral and mukhtar elections.

Lassen saluted the diligent work of the ISF and LAF during the elections, noting that said elections proved that “Lebanon is capable of passing any future electoral due date.”

The delegation thanked Machnouk for allowing representatives of EU embassies to visit polling stations across Lebanon. The representatives pointed out that the recommendations of the EU mission for monitoring parliamentary elections in 2009 could still be applied, once a new electoral law was decreed.

Machnouk’s visitors stressed that the EU and member states believed that Lebanon was capable of holding legislative elections on the due date, or even prior to that.

On that note, Machnouk asserted that legislative elections would take place as scheduled in June of next year, and that his Ministry has already begun preperations.

“Mayoral and mukhtar elections proved that the Lebanese are holding on to their state and institutons,” said Machnouk.

“The Ministry is working with regional and international donours to provide support for municipalities in their work to offer best services for citizens and the displaced.”

Source: National News Agency

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