(UPDATE) Rai heads to Brussels: Presidency is solution to all pending issues

Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Beshara Rai stressed on Tuesday before leaving to Brussels that “presidency is the door to all matters”.

He hoped that the municipal elections would pave the way to hold the parliamentary and the presidency elections.

“The value of Lebanon is in the rotation of power and the democratic system,” he concluded.

Rai is scheduled to meet during the three-day visit with the Belgian King as well as he will visit the European parliament and will meet the Lebanese community in Belgium.

Commenting on the rumors about the memo which Rai had presented to President Francois Hollande that is related to the election of Deputy Michel Aoun as a president for two years, he denied this issue.

“The memo did not mention this issue. It is not our prerogatives but the parliament’s duty. The person who had proposed this issue was former Speaker of the House Husein el Husseiny,” Rai concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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