Water supply to Hamriya hit

By: Kabeer Yousuf

MUSCAT: Life was thrown out of gear after water distribution stopped without notice since Friday afternoon in Hamriya and adjacent places.

This is the third in the series in less than 10 days, which is testing the patience of residents. People rushed to supermarkets for water and some stores ran out of stock by evening.

Majority of the believers who gathered for Friday prayers at the Hamriya mosque had to either return home or head to Ruwi mosques when they learnt that there was no water for ablution.

“I had to take my family to my cousin’s house in Ma’abela as our supply was stopped in the afternoon”, Ahmed al Mukhaini, a resident told the Observer.

Water stoppage is not something new to the residents of Hamriya.

There have been several problems with the supply in the past months and they were relieved after the Public Authority for Electricity and Water carried out a major repair two months ago.

But the problems continued unabated.

The very next week the residents of Ruwi and Hamriya were in for a shock as water stopped abruptly only to learn that it was due to another pipe burst.

“I think the problems have all the more shot up after the major repair some two months ago”, another resident said.

He says Authority is yet to reply.

“I called up 1442 at around 7 pm and the official promised me to check the issue and get back to me soon although I mentioned to him that the problem was with the whole area.


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