‘We Love Qaboos’ exhibition opens

By: Lakshmi Kothaneth

MUSCAT: “We Love Qaboos” exhibition, result of the Instagram competition held by Bank Dhofar, began at Muscat Grand Mall with vibrant Omani Folklore performance. The performance of the folklore band received immediate response from the public. The two-day exhibition was inaugurated by Sayyid Mohammed bin Sultan al Busaidi, Minister of State and Governor of Dhofar. The event comes as the nation is celebrating the arrival of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos after the successful treatment in Germany said the Bank Dhofar officials.

301064“Our happiness is indescribable. No words can express how we feel and the overwhelming happiness that prevailed through put the whole nation in this blessed occasion. This historical moment will always be carved in the Omani people’s memory,” said Abdul Hakeem Omar al Ojaili, acting CEO. The competition began in November 2014 and gained momentum receiving more than one million likes. The trend continued until the end of the competition and the winners were declared. The exhibition displays all the pictures by the participants including the winners.

The Instagram competition opened doors for the participants to express their love to His Majesty the Sultan through creative designs and art work. Thousands of entries have been nominated and showcased at “We Love Qaboos” exhibition.

“Another initiative from the bank is the production of the operetta. The project has five different songs contributed by Omani writers, singers and producers. This is also available for the public. The selection consists of traditional Omani musical styles of Razha, Rabuba, Bu Zalaf, Bara’a and Madar,” said Sami al Zedjali, Head of Marketing and Corporate Communication, Bank Dhofar. (The interview can be viewed on omanobserver.om)

The selection is also available on BankDhofar You Tube channel. The album, which was produced and recorded by Omani artists to express the high spiritedness and joy prevailing over the Sultanate since His Majesty’s arrival. Visitors to the exhibition can acquire a copy of the album during the two days.


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