‘We Want Accountability’ stages open sitin at Riad Solh Square until end of dialogue sessions

“We Want Accountability” civil campaign activists raised a number of tents at Riad Solh Square in downtown Beirut on Saturday, in a move to stage an open sit-in until the end of the dialogue sessions at Ain el-Teeneh upcoming Thursday.

Civil Activist Abdo Saad pointed to the importance of holding parliamentary elections on the basis of relativity, calling on all sides to reject the currently proposed mixed law since it shall not allow for electing any new deputy.

In a word on behalf of sit-in participants, Campaign Activist Hani Fayad said that “the only solution to change the lives of the Lebanese is through changing the current political class by holding elections based on relativity.” He added that “laws and regulations should be to serve the people,” and that “the rights of the current authority rule in Lebanon can only be taken away by force of the people.”

Source: National News Agency

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