‘We Want Accountability’ stages sitin outside Ministry of Interior

“We Want Accountability” staged a sit-in at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday afternoon outside the Ministry of Interior requesting a new electoral law which ensures justice and proper representation.

Brandishing banners that read “Mandate extension excuses are no longer valid… We want parliamentary elections,” protesters chanted slogans calling for accountability, and accusing the state of avoiding elections due to its “fear of citizens”.

A statement delivered by campaigner, Abdul Kader Bay, refused the Ministry of Interior’s double standards addressing municipal and parliamentary elections.

“Within the stint of three years, the Parliament extended its own mandate three times, claiming that holding elections would be impossible amid the extraordinary circumstances that Lebanon endured. However, last Sunday, Municipal elections in Beirut and Bekaa have proven the Interior Ministry’s claims to be a mere fallacy. Even the Interior Minister himself has expressed full pride concerning the tranquil atmosphere that accompanied the Municipal elections, especially in Arsal, which used to be authority’s prime excuse not to hold parliamentary elections,” sombre Bay added.

Source: National News Agency

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