Weather forecast: partially cloudy, drizzles, rise in temperature

Sunday’s weather in Lebanon is partially cloudy with possibility of drizzles before noon on the interior and north ranges and slight rise in temperature over the mountainous ranges, the Interior and stable over the coastline, according to the Meteorology Department at Beirut Rafic Hariri International Airport.

The Department added that weather will start gradually to get better in the afternoon.

General Status: A low atmospheric pressure over Turkey dominates over the Mediterranean Eastern Basin, and continues until Sunday afternoon causing an unstable rainy weather.

-Temperature: On the coastline 19 degrees Celsius low to 26 degrees Celsius high

On the mountain range: 10 degrees Celsius low to 23 degrees Celsius high

In the Interior range: 11 degrees Celsius low to 27 degrees Celsius high

– Surface wind: Active Southern-western every now and then, gusting between 10 and 40 Km/hr.

– Visibility: Medium, worsens every now and then due to fog formation.

– Humidity on the coastline: between 60% and 85%.

– Sea : Moderate, Surface temperature 22 degrees Celsius.

– Atmospheric Pressure: 759 mm Hg

– Sunrise: 05:29 Sunset: 19:42

Source: National News Agency

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