Young chef on the go: Millennial cooks up dream on choice meals (Business Mirror (Philippines))

A Hotel and Restaurant Management graduate trained at Marriott Hotel in Singapore, Will Garcia thought a few years back that becoming an entrepreneur could be the best way to make a fortune.

So, after about two years employed as online marketing officer, he resigned from a five-star hotel in Clark. He became a blogger and wrote about food and travel on his web site Will Explore Philippines, launched in August two years ago.

Finally, having the confidence, Garcia ventured into business in February this year: preparing and delivering food to office workers in Ayala Center.

The idea came while looking for a job and realizing the compensation would not be commensurate again and ordinary employees in the country’s premier commercial center are fed up with fast foods.

I don’t think anybody can eat fast food every day of their lives, Garcia told the BusinessMirror.

Garcia knows that to compete with high-priced meals and fast foods in Ayala Center, he must offer a unique proposition.

He said he does this by pampering the taste bud of costumers without sacrificing health and for a reasonable cost: He asks P999 for a week of lunch and afternoon snack.

Basically, I rotate chicken, beef and fish for lunch for the five-day work week, Garcia explained. He does not cook pork, since his clients are weight-conscious. For snacks, he prepares pastas, sandwiches and salads.

His customers include bank, marketing and insurance-firm employees.

I make sure meals are delivered hot and on time, Garcia said.

He began this food-delivery venture on a friendship.

I just cooked and personally delivered lunch and a snack to a friend who works for a company on Ayala Avenue, Garcia said.

And news traveled fast. Soon, more asked for his meals, and Garcia became known as Chef Will on the Go.

Garcia plans the lunch and afternoon snacks for the week and prepares them in his unit in a condominium in Makati’s Commercial and Business District. He personally buys from the market everything he needs, like vegetables, fruits, beef, chicken and fish.

Immediately before the interview, he prepared lunch and afternoon snacks for 20 people and delivered them around Ayala Center.

Business is booming

Garcia recently announced on social media he needs a delivery staff. There have also been inquiries from offices outside Ayala Center.

I wish to cater to customers in other places as soon as I’m prepared for it.

Aside from the food-delivery venture, Garcia also makes money marketing imported health-supplement products and still does online marketing for local hotels and restaurants.

He is a member of the United Hoteliers of the Philippines, which advocates for making young hoteliers working in the hospitality industry become world-class professionals. The group has now a chapter in the United Arab Emirates.

So far, the business has no competition in Ayala Center, according to Garcia. He is confident he can grow it soon and expand.

Still, this busy young entrepreneur still has time for travel and blogging. He sees places on Saturdays and writes for his blog on Sundays.

Through blogging you build connections, make friends and expand your knowledge, Garcia said.

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