Youssef: Situation is deteriorating at all levels

“Future” bloc member, Deputy Ghazi Youssef, said on Thursday that “Lebanon’s institutions have been paralyzed for a long period and the situation is worsening at all levels, particularly now during the summer and Ramadan.”

“Our crisis is political. The reason goes to the failure to elect a president and the existence of a disrupted Cabinet which can’t take decisions and has failed to address the citizens’ livelihood issues, in addition to the parliament’s paralyses,” the MP stressed.

“Hence, the Lebanese situation is unstable at all levels, which would harm the country,” he told the “Sharq” radio.

He highlighted the need to swiftly elect a president to later form a Cabinet and hold the parliamentary polls.

On the other hand, he touched on the oil wealth in the south; the Deputy said, “We are late in the oil file because of disagreements.”

He called on the concerned sides to work quickly and without delay. “We see Israel drilling for oil in areas adjacent to the Lebanese border, we have to keep our wealth and move forward to explore for oil.”

Source: National News Agency

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