Zahra: Lebanon is linked to regional situation, presidency confiscated

Lebanese Forces MP Antoine Zahra said that Lebanon was linked to developments in the region, saying that the Presidency of the Republic is confiscated and pending despite the initiative of LF party to nominate General Michel Aoun for presidency.

“No regional decision was taken in this regard,” Zahra said on Friday during his meeting with the party’s students of Keserwan and Jbeil at El Minato center in Jbeil, in the presence of many figures.

“I truly wanted to congratulate you on the election of a head of state that would preside over a strong Republic and that would be elected by the Parliament under the Constitution,” noted Zahra.

“I truly wanted to announce that the Parliament approved a budget and the government was working as a good team, but unfortunately these projects are just dreams that will never come true,” he pointed out.

He also said that Lebanon was not a poor country but an exhausted one.

Turning to the electoral law, Zahra branded the hybrid law as essential to achieving progress in the right path.

Source: National News Agency

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