Zahra: Qaa locals believe in military institution, security forces

Lebanese Forces MP Antoine Zahra said in an interview with the Free Lebanon radio station that carrying weapons is rejected “as we have faith in the role of the state.”

“Al-Qaa locals, same as every Lebanese citizen, bet on the role of the military and security institutions to protect Lebanon,” he assured, noting that yesterday’s armed appearances in Qaa happened under the banner of the State.

“The cowards who denounced Qaa people’s right to carry arms amid terrorist threat, have never condemned this act when conducted by Hezbollah and its elements who are fighting outside the border,” Zahra criticized.

“In the statements I made from Qaa village, I reiterated our clinging to the role of the State institutions,” the MP clarified.

Underlining the importance of treating displaced Syrians in a humane way, Zahra stressed however the need to ban the entrance of any person carrying weapons.

He criticized in this regard the “divided government’s inability to take ideal positions on this case.”

“The situation needs a radical solution. We ask to regulate the displaced Syrians’ affairs and control their presence because the money allotted for them is being wasted and stolen as a result of lack of control,” Zahra went on.

The MP regretted in this regard the impact of such incidents on the Lebanese summer and tourism season, uttering pessimism amid this shaken security situation.

Source: National News Agency

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