Zahra: We live in exceptional stage governed by local force majeure

The Lebanese Forces party – Jbeil organized a dinner on the occasion of the eleventh anniversary of the release of LF leader Samir Geagea from prison, under the patronage of Geagea who was represented by LF Deputy Antoine Zahra.

The ceremony held at Edde Sands in Jbeil was attended by ranking dignitaries and officials, and a crowd of Lebanese Forces partisans.

Zahra delivered a word on the occasion whereby he said “what we are experiencing at present is an exceptional stage governed by exceptional and unstable forces, and we will one day be back to our State and our institutions. Until that day comes, we will keep struggling and working to achieves people’s rights.”

MP Zahra wondered “where is the Lebanese Constitution now? (…) We were the first Republic in the Middle East. Why is our Republic without a president?”

“The State is disabled and all the attempts to re-activate both the House and the cabinet are failing, mainly because no body can survive without a Head and thus no republic can live without a president,” he said.

In his word, Zahra considered that, “in Lebanon, we have the highest level of freedom yet the least respect for democracy.”

“We will continue to struggle,” he pledged pointing at “an attempt by a force majeure in the country to subdue us.”

“We will resist this internal trusteeship, because if we ever ceased to do so, we would have agreed to the confiscation of our freedoms, our dignity and our rights and this is not permissible,” the LF Deputy pledged.

“We are committed to this republic which governs our constitutional, democratic and economic life. However, the moment we realize, as happened in the past, that the State is absent, we will take matters in our own hands,” he added.

Tackling the security incidents in the country, Zahra said “I dare accuse the unknown/well-known himself who killed Rafik Hariri and his companions and who assassinated all the martyrs of the independence uprising, and who mulls in its attempt to humiliate the Lebanese people and confiscate their freedoms.”

“We want to live in justice and freedom and we will not tire until reaching this goal and until stability prevails and the Constitution is applied,” he concluded.

Source: National News Agency

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