Zoayter, Shehayeb tackle current developments

Public Works and Transportation Minister, Ghazi Zoayter, met on Monday at his Ministry office with Agriculture Minister, Akram Shehayeb, with talks between the pair reportedly dwelling on most recent developments at the security, political, economic and social levels, in addition to development affairs.

Minister Zoayter congratulated the Lebanese, in general, and the Muslims in particular on the advent of Fitr Eid, hoping that the Eid will bring about peace and stability in the Arab nation, and protect Lebanon away from risks.

On the other hand, Zoayter deplored the terrorist attacks perpetrated by Daash in Iraq’s Karada which claimed the lives of a big number of victims, deeming such as attacks as “a heinous crime against humanity.”

He stressed the need to combat such a monstrous terrorist scourge witnessed in the world by all available means.

Source: National News Agency

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